🍯Honeypot Protection

OMNIA's honeypot protection is designed to detect and monitor potential scam tokens.

  1. Smart Contract Auditing: Before interacting with a smart contract, OMNIA performs an automated audit or analysis of the contract's code to look for common signs of scams. This could include checking for functions that prevent users from selling tokens or withdrawing their funds.

  2. Transaction Monitoring: OMNIA monitors transactions on the network to identify suspicious activity. For example, if a new token is seeing a large number of buys but no sells, this could be a sign of a honeypot.

  3. User Warnings: If a potential honeypot is detected, OMNIA can flag the service to warn users before they interact with it. This could be done through the user interface of the application. Users decides then what to do next.

  4. Integration with Security Tools: OMNIA integrates with a variety of services that specialize in detecting honeypots and other types of scams.

Honeypot warning

When sending transactions to an OMNIA endpoint with Honeypot protection enabled, our services will perform a thorough security analysis on transaction details such as transaction data embedded in it's body and code of smart contracts called in the transaction. If a call to a known Honeypot smart contract is detected, the endpoint will return a HTTP 513 response with an empty body and will drop the transaction (not forwarding it to the blockchain node).

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