Public RPC Endpoints

OMNIA DeFi-based Endpoints

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Aggregators - Public OMNIA Endpoints


Public EVM-based endpoints with Privacy

Ethereum Mainnet Chain ID: 1 (0x1) Currency: ETH
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet Chain ID: 56 (0x38) Currency: BNB
Polygon Mainnet Chain ID: 137 (0x89) Currency: MATIC
Arbitrum One Chain ID: 42161 (0xa4b1) Currency: ETH
Avalanche C-Chain Chain ID: 43114 (0xa86a) Currency: AVAX
Aurora Mainnet Chain ID: 1313161554 (0x4e454152) Currency: ETH
Optimism Mainnet Chain ID: 10 (0xa) Currency: ETH
Fantom Opera (Mainnet) Chain ID: 250 (0xfa) Currency: FTM
Harmony Shard 0 (Mainnet) [TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE] Chain ID: 1666600000 (0x63564c40) Currency: ONE
Gnosis Mainnet [TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE] Chain ID: 100 (0x64) Currency: XDAI
Moonbeam Mainnet [TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE] Chain ID: 1284 (0x504) Currency: GLMR

Non EVM endpoints

NEAR Mainnet Currency: NEAR
COSMOS Mainnet [TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE] Currency: ATOM Network: Cosmos Hub - 4 SDK version: Cosmos SDK v0.34.27